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The Human Disposition Scale; A, B, C and D

Our Crusade thrives by identifying and promoting like-minded individuals who help spread our message. For that we developed the Human Disposition Scale to describe how one views other humans. The categories are A, B, C and D.

Ds are Pro-Race, meaning they prioritize identifying fellow humans by their assigned Race rather than their actions. An example would be the leader of the KKK, though not all Ds are that extreme. Ds could also be good people who just prefer to call themselves “black” or “white” and prefer to call you “white” or “black”, despite the terms being inaccurate.

Cs, like Ds, are also Pro-Race. But unlike Ds, Cs won’t openly tell you that they’re Pro-Race. Examples would be KKK members during the weekend, operating as Judges, Doctors and Law Enforcement during the week.

Picture a D as a snake on the street, while a C is a snake in the grass. You can clearly see a D as they are out in the open, then you can make a conscious decision on how to deal with them. Cs, on the other hand, remain hidden and will try to hurt you if you unknowingly get too close.

Bs are genuinely good people who don’t judge others based on their skin tone. However, Bs are susceptible to following along with Cs or Ds without realizing it. Though not Racist, Bs have been taught to believe that “black” or “white” is their heritage. They may have kind hearts but accept debunked science and myths that Ds and Cs cite to justify their views.

Finally, there are A's. A's are the antithesis to Ds. A is for Aware of what Race is and how it works. A is for Anti-Race (not to be confused with Antiracist (which at times is Revenge Racism)). A is for Americans who would rather remove Race from society. Our Crusade involves identifying, guiding and encouraging more A's.

The Human Disposition Scale is not a ridged, subjective, social construct like Race. Ds can become A's, Bs can become Cs, and so on. It’s based on one's actions and mindset rather than appearance, which means everyone is a potential A.

Race is an ongoing form of mental warfare. It’s meant to keep a subjective, dividing line between individuals who might otherwise be friends. Ds and Cs don’t want you to know this, while A's spread the message of unity.

To the Ds out there, even though we may disagree, you’re open and honest and we appreciate that.

Cs, if you’re going to be Pro-Race, at least be more like the Ds and be straight up about it.

Bs, please keep an open mind as we want to make our country better by being less divisive.

And finally, to the A's, thank you for being who you are. We’ve received your messages and will keep pushing the Crusade forward.

I thank all who have read this. Dialog is progress whether we agree or not. Stay safe.

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Pretty simple. I'll start calling Racists "Ds" instead 😆


Jul 02, 2022

Thinly veiled Marxism with no basis in reality. Congrats on your stupid astroturf.

Replying to

It would seem you spend way too much time reading Marx yourself as you are intimately aware of when and where you see Mr. Marx's ideas pop up during the course of your day. You know, and you may not, as it appears you spend your day reading Marx (we ascertained this just a moment ago if you are confused, not sure of your intelligence level, as you are openly insulting and espousing hatred toward the most altruistic ideas and movements to ever Grace my ears, hope you understand enough to keep reading, you can read correct?, oh yes you read Marx, I forgot sorry), and scrolling through blogs, of companies whose sole mission is a hope and attempt at…


Clever. And I get it. I'd rather decern people by attitude rather than appearance. Bravo!

Replying to

Ditto my friend!

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