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Why We're Ending Race in America

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Have you ever tried to reconcile; if America is a melting pot, why then do we have so many labels to divide Americans?

We've pondered this question many times and have come up with some answers.

At a very young age, most of us are taught what a black crayon is, and what a white crayon is. Around that same age we're also taught that though we may match a brown crayon, or a peach crayon, we're to refer to ourselves as black, white, or some other assigned designation. Yet, we're often not taught why.

When America was being colonized in the 1500s and 1600s, we didn't yet have Race as we know it today.

Rather, humans from many different countries including England, Ghana, Scotland, Nigeria, Germany, and the Caribbean and South America interacted more so based on their class (rich, middle-class, or poor) rather than their caste (Race).

Colonists who were middle-class or poor worked and socialized together regardless of their skintone. It was because of this interaction that the poor and middle-class realized that they were being taken advantage of by elites.

This realization resulted in Bacon's Rebellion that started in 1676 and ended in 1677.

Though it was a short-lived conflict, elites understood that if society continued to turn against them, their days of taking advantage of the have-nots would be short lived.

Elites then developed a system, a weapon, that has withstood the test of time. They came up with a system that reassigned those who were once English, Scottish or German as white. And they dictated that those who were once Ghanaian, Nigerian or could in anyway be viewed to have brown skin, to be called black.

With these designations came allowances, rules and condemnations. If you were called white, you could socialize with elites, earn your way through life, and be eligible for Indentured Servitude (the ability to work off debt).

However, if you were assigned to the black Race, you were called black, not allowed to socialize with anyone who didn't look like you, restricted on what you could own or do, and condemned to a lifetime (followed by generations) of slavery.

Race successfully dehumanizes human beings from one another who otherwise may have been allies. It's power in desensitizing even the most horrific treatment can't be denied.

This is the truth.

Though slavery, and all of the atrocities included with it, has mostly come and gone, the most powerful relic of that era remains, Race.

Race is still working as intended. It creates hostility where none may have otherwise existed. It's holding back our country and shows no signs of going away.

This is why we have made it our mission to rid our nation of Race. Our organization is made up of all types of skin-tones, and if you support our mission, you are part of this organization.

Everything about The American Redneck Company is geared towards Ending Race in America, and with your help, our movement will be impossible to stop.

If you feel so inclined, add your thoughts to our forum. Share with everyone you know that we as Americans don't have to tolerate Race any longer. Remember, the more popular we are, the less popular Race is. We're placing all profits towards litigating Race out of existence.

We're excited to share this message with you. If you have ideas on how we can speed this process up, do tell. If you need our help with speaking with your organization, Church or any other group about the liberation that comes with Ending Race, we're happy to share.

Thank you for reading this and helping us End Race in America.

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Hell yeah!!!! I'm all about this! Race never made much sense to me either. I'm with you, American Redneck!


This is great! My exact sentiments. Those who hate America right now seem to be trying to fuel division through race. I am not Norwegian-American. I am American and I view others in this country as Americans without the hyphenation needed. As long as we let those in power continue to divide us based on race, they will win. The hate I see in America today is based on the divisions our government harps on almost daily. Few identify as American. Instead, they have to constantly add some sub-group. We've become the Divided States of America with so many groups, but they all miss the point that we are all Americans.

Ricky Wade
Ricky Wade

Thank you for the comment, Clif. This mission is possible because of people like you, which we know are many. Unfortunately, we have a very loud, and hateful, minority who'd prefer to maintain division based on skin tone. They will not stop us. Stay safe.


Thanks for this. I hadn't felt ashamed of my whiteness yet this morning.

Ricky Wade
Ricky Wade

Good thing you're not white.


Every white country is prosperous and civilized while every black country is a third world country.

If race doesn't matter, how do you account for this?


I really respected both sides of the argument up until you both let go of your fine intellect to rely on lowering blows.

The social construct is an historic truth; although race does exist. The human race.

Culture and historic facts relating to ones' culture is not threatening, and is what is in jeopardy of being lost. One's food, art, music and accomplishments in general are threatened when individuals like the two here, go off point, focus on negative, and sling mud. The common thread remains the human race and American. I see the approach as one of the best in nullifying CRT and the truth about what the "elite" (government's) intention is.


Ricky Wade
Ricky Wade

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