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Nominee services

Nominee services are usually provided by an intermediary in order to hide the beneficial owner’s business. Nominee services are related to nominee shareholder and nominee director. In the regular situation the nominee services should also involve a post box service (office address for correspondence purposes). Nominee services are suitable for large corporate structures for tax planning purposes and frequently involve international element. For instance, the ultimate beneficiary is based in other country rather than the company itself.

Nominee shareholder services are usually carried out basing on declaration of trust, whereas the nominee declares that he holds shares on behalf of other person and he is not entitled to make decisions in the company, to neither vote at a meeting of shareholders, nor receive dividends, unless specifically instructed by the client. The nominee has no rights to sell shares unless required by the client. However, the client and nominee may agree on specific duties that the nominee should carry out. Such duties are often assigned to lawyers and attorneys at law that are professionals in the field and may protect the client`s interest.

Nominee director also called 'shadow director', who usually appears only for official records, whereas the company is virtually governed by the client by power of attorney. On the basis of authorization the client may open a bank account and acquire full company management and control.


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